Saturday, 16 August 2014



Firstly, the reason why I started blogging, is because I feel that life has been zooming past, year after year, decade after decade, and I am not shy to say, I am already 24 this year! (GASP!!!)

I feel that I should start journaling down my moments, be it SAD, HAPPY, all those crazy times I have with my friends, etc, and I will be able to reminisce them with a smile :')

I do miss the good old times during our pri school days, where I do keep a physical diary and I will make it a point to just pen down and pour out my inner feelings to that little nice scented book of mine.

Oh, those nostalgic moments.

Secondly, the other reason why I started blogging, is because I have been receiving lots of lifestyle, makeup, etc queries, from my friends and random people on my social media, private messaging me asking me questions like:

1. How to you do your make up?
2. What is in your make up bag?
3. Skinny mint ( As I am on a sponsorship programme with them recently, will get back to this point later)
4. What is your diet everyday?

etc etc...

Okay, there's something I have to clarify. That is... I AM NO GURU TOO HAHA! 

I  do a lot of research, watch make up videos, learn from my friends, some of them are really really awesome! Their make up skills are really like a professional!

Hence, do keep a look out in my future posts as I will be blogging on lifestyle, makeup, fashion, etc.

Do feel free to hit me up with your questions on on the right hand side of my blog) ,
I will do my best to answer all of them! 

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I will be blogging on my journey with skinnymint in my next post, so for those who are interested, stay tuned for a truthful review! I will be also doing up a FAQ section, hope it helps!

Till then!

With much love, x


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