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As this post suggests, I will be discussing about what are my daily routines for maintaining my skin!

Firstly, I would like to thank all my supportive and active readers, for emailing me time to time, like giving me suggestions on topics to blog about and asking me questions on my! As you guys know I am an amateur blogger and I am so happy to have such loyal and active readers in such a short time!
So here's a big thank you to all of you, and keep the emails and questions going! I will be more than happy to answer them, to the best of my ability haha.

That aside, I have received some requests from my readers, and on, asking me to do a make up tutorial for you guys.
So sorry to disappoint you guys, as I have just started school and will be quite busy! Will do up a make up tutorial for you guys during my holidays when I am more free okay? Promise promise! :D 

Okay, so onto the main topic!

What are my daily routines for my Skin maintenance?

To be honest, I do not have perfect skin! I do have breakouts time to time, when my period is nearing, (those are the most annoying zits, they are always red and can't seem to go away until my period comes!) blemishes ( as I used to have really bad skin during my Sec school and Poly days ), dark eye rings, dull skin.

Selfie of myself bared face taken sometime ago. ( whereby my condition has improved since Poly days) 

It sounds really bad right?! 
You guys must be reading this off and thinking, SAY UNTIL SO JIALAT, (TRUE OR NOT?)

The sad thing is, IT IS TRUE.
Although my skin may not be as bad as my secondary and Poly days, but if you look closely, I do still have some acne scars on my cheek, dark eye rings due to sleeping late, and dull skin cause I do not apply sunblock during my adolescent years!

I have began taking care of my skin by feeding it with the necessary Skin Food to improve and turnaround the situation of my Skin!

How I envy the people like Da S ( taiwanese actress ) with Fair, zit-less skin and I really wanna achieve that sort of perfect skin!

Nowhere near I know :(

I am really quite interested in skin care cause you know I am gonna hit the mid-age crisis soon and I've been hearing horror stories about skin once you hit the late 20s, if you do not start taking care of your skin early!

So I did a lot of research on google ( our best friend / dot com ) , and I found out the reasons why I had such bad skin during my Sec School days and Poly days.

Firstly, I reckon I used too strong a cleanser, and I remembered that after I use it, there's a tight sensation on my face and being of an adolescent age, I wasn't aware that I shouldn't be feeling that sensation.

Secondly, I kept thinking my skin is on the Oily side, I did not know there's such a thing called Combination Skin, which is what I actually have! I used products which are like preventing Sebum in your skin from producing Oil on my face! That is a horrible misconception that you need to correct yourself!
Upon using Oil Blotters, or overdrying Cleansers on your face, your Skin Sebums will secrete more oil on your skin, and  with the dirt that we get outside, sweat mixed together, this disgusting concoction will cause you to have pimples!

The picture above depicts the formation of a pimple /acnes.

So people, do not use Oil Blotters, I recommend you to wash your face regularly, if your face is oily or combination skin like mine!

Another misconception I realised that I did the last time too, was that I never used a moisturizer for my skin!
Moisturizers are very important and despite having a Oily base for your skin, you should apply it!
I was shocked that I should be putting moisturizer, because I thought my Skin is oily enough, why do I need a moisturizer?!

Now here's the real deal.

Because All Skin types need a moisturizer which is suited for your skin! For people who have dry skin, you can opt for cream moisturizers, and for people with combination skin and Oily skin, we can use water based / gel based moisturizers, hydrating moisturizers, or lotions.
Please try to avoid cream moisturizers as they are usually suited for people who have dry skin.

" Why do I need to moisture my skin? Isn't it ironic that my skin is "moisture" enough? "

Okay, because if you use overdrying products on your skin / or removing all the oil on the surface of your skin, as discussed earlier, it induces your sebum to produce more oil, which explains the extra oil despite you cleaning it away 5 minutes ago.
With the correct moisturizer, your skin has the required moisture in your skin, and it will not produce excessive oil on your face as there is enough moisture/ oil balance in your skin!
The trick is to moisturize for supple, healthy looking skin!

So people, do correct these misconceptions if you have them, and trust me! I've been through this, and tried applying moisturizer after my toner, it really really works.

(image credit: Google)

No more excessive oiliness on my face, and it is controlled very well. It took me years to get rid of all the blemishes and acne scars left by my horrid pimples and acne. If you see me in real life and you look real close to my skin, I do still have pimple scars ( blemishes ), on my cheek, forehead. But of course, if you look at me from a distance ( like talking face to face), you wouldn't be able to see the pimple scars anymore.

Next, dull skin! I am quite tanned in real life, and I honestly do not bear much hope to have fair skin like the Japanese. :(
I guess the reason why I get dull skin is because again, I do not see the importance in applying sunblock my skin and I only started doing it diligently a couple of years back!
During my secondary school and Poly days, I couldn't care less about applying sunblock to my skin, and this is the price I've got to pay :(

(image credit: Google)

I couldn't emphasize how important Sunblock is! The UV rays from the Sun can be quite harmful and cause damage to your skin, I believe you guys have heard of that!
So do apply your sunblock and sunscreen lotion before heading out okay?! :D

Basically, my routine everyday for my skin care is really simple.

1. I will remove my make up using a make up remover.

2. I wash my face using a cleanser which has Anti Acne ingredients, and which are gentle to my skin! Preferrably I would choose a cleanser which has salicylic acid as one of the ingredients and it is not too overdrying on my skin for me.

3. I would exfoliate my skin, using a scrub which has micro-beads in them. 
I would recommend exfoliating your skin at least twice in a week! This step is very important in Skin care maintenance as it removes the dead skin on your outer most layer and also removes dirt which are clogged in yourr  skin and not being removed! Exfoliating can also help your skin regain radiance as dead skin cells are removed! Lastly, with all the dead cells removed, your skin can absorb the goodies from your Skin food which you will be applying later.

4. Applying a toner

5. Apply a moisturizer which is suited for your skin type

I will pat my face gently all around after I remove my mask or moisturizer, to allow my Skin to absorb the nutrients from my skin food!

6. Mask ( Optional ) Personally I would put mask twice / thrice in a week. I would alternate Exfoliating mask and Whitening mask ( I need this because I am tanned :( )

5 easy steps with 1 optional step to a more radiant, supple and healthy skin!

Aside from doing all these, I do apply Body Milk ( Extra Whitening ) to my body, as now I know the importance of moisturizing and maintaining my Skin's youth!

Do remember to drink plenty of water too, eat fruits, and avoid eating late at night! Detoxification starts at 11am-3am, and if your body is unable to detox well, it also cause breakouts on your skin too!

So remember readers, DO NOT FORGET TO MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN, and with that, I hope you guys have already begun your journey of taking care of your skin as it is really really very important!
Can't emphasize that enough!

Thanks for reading! xoxo!

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial nor sponsored post, it is based on my own experience and varies with individual.

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