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Dark Florals Throwover from TheHauteTheory (
White Knit Tank top from Esprit
Light Blue denim shorts from Bugis Street
Black Sandals and shades from Rubi
HELLOOOO ALL! (my blog is not dead, haha )

I've jetted away to the Land of Smiles with le boyfie, his cousins and friends!
In this post you wouldn't see their photos as they do not really like to take photos, so hence you will just see ME, BOYFIE AND FOOD plastered all over this post!


Took the express train from Suvarnabhumi Airport instead of Taxi as we want to avoid the jams on the roads to reduce travelling time! Can't wait to reach the hotel and put down our luggages!

 We chose to reside at GLOW pratunam hotel for our stay! Heard really good reviews about it and the location of the hotel is so convenient! It is just opposite Platinum mall, which is really awesome cause you can just plonk your shopping bags back in the hotel and continue shopping again!

Was greeted with friendly and smiley receptionists and I just emphasize that the hotel smells just so so so good! A very refreshing scent which rejuvenates your senses, not kidding!

I think they are super thoughtful to offer customers a cup of refreshing iced chrysanthemum tea as they know we could be tired and thirsty after the long travelling from the Airport! More brownie points for Service and experience at the Hotel! (^.^)

 HAPPY ME GULPING DOWN THE DRINK,whilst waiting for the receptionist to get our room keys ready!

I forgot to take a picture of our room, but the rooms are just so pretty! Our room looks something like this!


Saw this interesting looking stall and decided to give it a try! We chose this coconut ice cream coated with hardened chocolate and peanuts! Personally not a peanut fan but this just looks too tempting and awesome! Verdict? ITS REALLY DELICIOUS! I guess most of their coconut products made in Thailand are just so yummy!
boyfeee looks so happy hahahaha

We walked around Jatujak till 7+ pm, and most of the stalls were already closing for the day so we left for MBK, to have our dinner!
After dinner we went back to the hotel, refreshened up and headed to this massage parlour right outside Centrepoint Hotel. I always go to Number One Massage parlour as I feel they have excellent masseurs there! It is a mini stretch of massage parlours along the street and personally I tried 2 other parlours and they are also good!
Was shagged that night so I KO-ed the moment I hit the bed. I have a reputation for being forever sleepy, hahaha. (* looks at b*)


Day 2 began off  with a simple breakfast. People who knows me in real life, knows I can't take a heavy breakfast. My stomach just can't take oily foods and milk ( the drink ) as the first meal of the day, because if I do, I will have runs and my stomach will be churning itself like a washing machine due to the wind in it.
Nevertheless, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ( sounds familiar, b? haha)

After this, went to Soi 19 Pratunam ( right beside Glow) , for this highly raved Wanton Mee! It was my bf's cousin's friend and his GF who recommended it! And I highly recommend it to you guys who is now reading my blog! It is really yummy! Personally I like the steamed wanton, and they are not stingy with the fillings! The noodles have this springy texture and it's just goodness in a bowl! The only downside is that the portion is rather small, if you come with an empty stomach, girls, DO FEEL FREE TO ORDER 2 BOWLS AND NOT FEEL LIKE A GLUTTON, cause the serving isn't big at all.

This picture does not do justice to this home-made feeling goodness at all. You guys really have to check it out and give it a try!

Shop Front (Pratunam Wonton Noodles)
Above is the picture of the stall! (^.^)

Headed to Platinum Mall opposite our hotel and did some shopping. I didn't have much loots this time round as nothing much really caught my eye when I was walking around the racks and racks of clothes.
The collections weren't fantastic, hence not much loots for myself and boyfee.

AND... how could I forget my #ootd ? Taken back at the hotel overseeing a picturesque view of the hustle and bustle of the heart of Pratunam.

 Floral Crop top from Forever21
Teal highwaist denim shorts from Wardrobemess 
Black Sandals from Rubi

We headed over to Asiatique River for dinner, the weather was gloomy as it was raining, so not much pictures were taken. Initially wanted to take a photo infront of the asiatique word like what we did when I went with b's family.


Had Italian Cuisine for dinner and for the price and quality for the food, I would say it is worth every penny!
The prawns, mussels and squids were fresh and succulent, the pasta paste wasn't too sour and strong either! ( I ordered seafood marinara, as I am a lover of seafood! )

 My Seafood Marinara above, and my bf's cousin's Hawaiian Pizza!
Look at how generous they are with the fillings! Needless to say, it tastes awesome too! Better than Pizza Hut's, in my honest opinion haha. I guess when you go overseas, everything just tastes better, LOL.

 After walking around Asiatique, we took a cab back to the Hotel, and refreshened up for a massage again! I CANT EMPHASIZE HOW MUCH I LOVE MASSAGES! Suffering from a stiff neck problem and a massage every night will just do great!
Had supper at Huai Kwang Nightmarket and also went to a temple to pray, together with B, B's cousin's friend, Kendrick and his gf, Jasmine. (^.^)
The food at Huai Kwang was great! A pity we hadn't any photos! Thanks to Kendrick and Jasmine's recommendation, we had this fried rice, Basil Chicken, Tomyum Koong at this roadside-alike stall! Sinfully eating at a very bad timing of 3am, and I dozed off in the cab as I was too used to sleeping at 12-1am, as my body clock was adjusted to the time I was working in SCB.
Needless to say, I KO-ed again when I hit the bedsheets that night, HAHAHA

AND OH, I forgot to mention. The guys ate the Fried Maggots and Grasshoppers at the roadside stall. *Shudders*
Here is my happy boyfriend eating a Grasshopper, LOL, and he says Maggots tastes better, like peanuts.
Insects are never in my definition of Edible Food. =/


Day 3 began off with my request of A&W waffles! heh. I am a waffle person, so how could I miss this when I go overseas, esp when there is an outlet right opp my hotel hahaha
happygirl_90 already!
 My maple syrup waffles above, and b's waffle burger with Chicken at the bottom.

AM I MAKING YOU SALIVATE?! Why A&W closed down in Singapore? *inserts sad face*

my #ootd for Day 3:

White lace top and Blue floral skorts from TheHauteTheory ( )
Black Sandals from Rubi

Had Tomyum koong with Glass Noodles and my favourite Mango Sticky Rice at the level 6 food court of Platinum mall! It is also a must-go-and-eat thing for me when I go to Pratunam!

Day 3 wasn't much to do as B fell sick in the later morning till afternoon and was down with a fever,so we headed back to the hotel for him to rest. After resting for 2 hours, B insisted on heading out for a walk but unfortunately it was a rather wet day in the late afternoon and evening, so we did not walk much around Pratunam area and headed back to the Hotel. B's cousins and friends had a flight to catch back to Sg at night. They did their last minute packing and left for the Airport at around 7.30pm. 

B and myself headed to Siam square area and had our first literal Roadside stall dinner together. People who know me in real life should know I am skeptical about roadside stalls and I am generally a hygienic person hahaha, I am pretty much a clean freak and I can't stand the thought of dirt, flying into my food. LOL. However, the stall looked pretty decent so I thought of giving it a try (^.^)

I ordered Seafood fried rice and B ordered his favourite Basil Chicken Rice! We ordered a Tomyum Koong to share, as requested by me, cause I really love Tomyum koong soup! Warm soup does good to souls, especially on a rainy weather!
Walked around Siam Square and we happened to chance upon this Hello Kitty Theme cafe!
Was so excited to see it but when we went in, the staff say they are closed for the day. :(
B asked the staff if we could just take photos of the place as he saw my sad face when I couldn't even savor the cakes that looked deliciously yummy. Luckily the staff said it was okay and here it is!

After that, we walked to MBK to purchase local food products for B's mum, my parents, friends and colleagues from SG.  We felt tired so we went back again to Hotel to freshen up and massage again! This time it was our final night in BKK so I suggested we should do an intensive massage on our shoulders, back and legs cause those were my main areas of concern.
And, it was sore, but so so good, felt like my whole body loosened up and that was just what I needed.


Day 4 finally came and I was really so reluctant to go back :(( Happy times flies so quickly and I whined to B to extend our stay hahahaha. BKK is just such an awesome place and I will never get tired of going back there. Had my favourite yoghurt from the Hotel Breakfast buffet for Breakfast, and we did some last minute shopping at Platinum Mall.

Checked out at 12pm, and headed straight to the Airport as our flight is 3.20pm.
Not forgetting the #ootd !

Black Crop top from H&M
Black Floral Chiffon skirt from TheHauteTheory ( )
Black Sandals from Rubi

HAHAHA, dont ask me why most of my outfits involve THEHAUTETHEORY, it was by coincidence I happen  to choose them, cause their clothes are really versatile, easy to match, chic and most importantly of all, COOLING and that suits the warm weather in SG and BKK!

Took a taxi-fie with B whilst on our way to the airport, reluctantly leaving but still gotta smile, haha

LOVING HOW GLOWY MY FACE IS IN THIS PICTURE! Lighting does really play an important part!

Had Burger King for lunch after we checked in, in the Airport lounge area, and I REALLY HAVE TO EMPHASIZE AGAIN, WHY EVEN BK TASTE BETTER OVERSEAS?! The cheese used seems to be different, and it is not a placebo effect cause B agreed that it tasted better too, and the serving is bigger?

With relunctance, I shall conclude my BKK trip. It was certainly a fun, entertaining company, with B, his cousins and friends, and not forgetting the awesome food!

See you next year BKK!

With love,

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