Thursday, 25 September 2014

SKINNYMINT TEA ; What's the flavour you favour?



As the title suggests, I will be sharing with you guys what are the 3 different ways I have discovered and tried to drink SkinnyMint Morning Boost Tea!

 I will also be sharing with you a healthy yet yummy snack to go with your Morning Boost tea!

First flavour on the menu,

Trust me, this tastes yummmmm!
You know the kind of Apple Aloe vera bottled drinks from Peel fresh?
Buy that and mix it with your Morning Boost tea, (just kidding)
But it tastes almost the same! Just that it is probably not as sweet cause those bottled juices usually contain sugar and preservatives?
And this is like, completely fresh ingredients and prepared by you!
Like they always say, any fresher you'll have to peel it yourself? :D
Reasons why I choose Apple and Aloe Vera:
Firstly, Apple has the ability to curb hunger and allows you to stay fuller longer, which enhances the tea's concoction of making you stay fuller longer.
Aloe vera juice increases metabolism, and it cleanses your digestive system as well!
The plus point is, it goes well with Apple juice, so why not?
 This is my personal favourite! (*beams*)

Next up we have....

 Power packed with rich vitamins, this AWESOME juicy fruit needs no introduction! :D
This is my 2nd favourite after the apple aloe combination, as this fruity concoction blends really well with the Morning Boost Fruity taste!
I love juicy fruits! Reason being, after drinking the tea, I get to chew on juicy pulps after!
What's not to love?

Reasons why I chose Pineapple:
Pineapple is power packed with Vitamins like Vitamin C, Potassium.
When you eat fresh pineapple, you will get some benefit from its fiber content, which helps to fill you up and control overeating!

Last but not least,

Citrus-y fruits always leave a tinge of re-freshness lingering on your taste buds!
I love how these little lemon slices could offer me; little sensations of sourness with the fruity tea, yet a refreshing taste to freshen up your day!
You guys would have an idea how refreshing Lemon is, I suppose?
It's like a breath of fresh air and it kinda "awakes" you up, when you take a sip of the concoction?
Something like that, haha.

The only downside of this I feel, is that, the Lemon Peel could have a bitter aftermath in your tea if you leave it soaking in your tea for too long.
Taking away the Peel is not really an option, unless you squeeze all the juice from the Lemon, and just mix it in your tea?
But that's a bit of a hassle in my opinion haha.

ANYWAY, that's the end of my Tea Menu, so what's the flavour you favour? :D


Now am gonna share with you guys, the healthy and yummy snack that I absolutely love!

Introducing Skyflakes Crackers with Avocado Spread! :D

image credit: google

 Bought this exact same Garlic Flavour! Absolutely love how the Avocado Spread and this Garlic Flavour compliments each other!
This yummy yet healthy snack is great for Tea,  for Breakfasts, or when your mouth is just itchy to eat something haha

image credit: google

Avocado is well known for it's healthy "fat", and it keeps you fuller longer, needless to say, Avocado has loads of goodness!
It helps your body lower cholesterol levels, it is a power house of Vitamin E, which is an essential Vitamin to prevent diseases and maintains overall health.

This low calorie snack is one of my favourite snacks now! Can't stop eating after one piece!
Really recommended for you guys to try it out! (thumbs up!!!)


And before I end this post, a gentle reminder to you guys!!!

Do not pour hot water over your fruits, as it will denature and destroy the Vitamin value of the fruits!

What will i suggest is, pour hot water over your teabag, and mix it with some luke warm water.
Let the tea diffuse evenly and let it cool for, say, 5minutes, before putting the Fruits in!
You do not want to destroy the goodness of the fruits, so hence, this step is highly recommended!

That's all I have for you guys today! Thank you for reading, and if you guys have any other concoctions that you feel that it is really yummy and you would like to share it with me,
do drop a comment below, or an email!

I will love to know more yummy ways and healthy treats to begin my day with!

With that,begin your day right by Starting FRESH, Eat Right, Live Healthily with SkinnyMint Morning Boost tea to burn calories and increase energy!

Get it from today if you haven't!  

With love,

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