Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Style X Stephanie

Hi guys! 

Imma back with another post of Style X Stephanie, as requested from some of my readers via email!

First, I would like to thank you guys on behalf of THT (The Haute Theory www.thehautetheory.com), Agnes ( www.aggylow.com) for coming down to the Three Blind Mice Flea last Sat and Sun!

 The response was great and we really want to thank our readers, family, friends, and whoever dropped by at our stall! <3 

We might be having another flea soon, so do come down and support us okay?! :D

With the 2 little miss piggies, to the left is my boyfee's youngest sis and to my right is her friend Melissa! Thank you guys for popping by to say hello! <3

My cousin and I! Thanks so much for coming down to support us and coming down all the way to say hello! <3

Need I say more? Hehe <3 Mr Bear came down specially to help us with the luggages upon knowing we need Manpower ( pun intended, hehe ) Thank you so much for coming all the way down, I know how much you hate to drive to town on weekends! <3

To reward mr bear, I decided to buy him some macarons! ( His favourite sin )

Introducing the super duper yummy Macarons by Shiberty ( @shibertybakes on Instagram) !
This is my first time trying out her Macarons and I must say they are so flavourful and good!

Image credit: @shiberty 's instagram

You know how a good Macarons' texture should be like right, hard crispy colourful shell on the outside and what lies within, are sticky, chewy goodness!

I bought 10 macarons, 2 red velvet with cheese flavour, 3 ferrero rocher flavour, 3 oreo flavour, 1 Rose and 1 Sesame flavoured. I did not get to try the rose and sesame, cause I didn't buy extra for those. 

My personal favourite is the Ferrero and Oreo Macarons!

Image credit: @shiberty 's instagram

 I hope you guys really got to purchase from her during the Flea cause it sold like hot cakes and I heard it was sold out by 4pm! *inserts shocked face*

Am so looking forward to the next flea and I hope there will be different flavours to try the next time! :D

Anyway, back to the topic of this post haha.

Here are a few styles that I simply adore and I will like to share with you guys! I like things to be simple yet classic!

// I love dresses with prints, personally I feel it's less time consuming to even think! Cause it's a dress and it settles top and bottom! // 

//Monochrome matching is also a safe choice, if you raid your wardrobe one morning and you end up scratching up your head, thinking everything doesn't suit! //

         Floral Maxi Dress from Ohvola

Lace Top ( Forgot where I purchased from) / Black Slit Skirt from Carrislabelle )

Classic Favourite of mine; White Hera          Lattice Maxi from TheTinselRack

Red Bowler's Hat from Forever21/ Black  Mesh Top from Carrislabelle / Floral Pjs from ShopEverydayPeople

White Eyelet Top ( forgotten where I got it from) / Floral Mesh Midi Skirt from TheTinselRack

That's all for this week's Style X Stephanie!

Thank you all for reading! If you guys have ideas of any dressing getups that you will like to share, do drop a comment below, ask me on my askfm (@tintedwhiteroses) or drop me a email!

Have a great mid week guys!


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