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How has Sunday been treating you?! :D

Imma back with this post titled RANDOM as I couldn't really put a specific title on exactly what this whole blog post about, 
and it's all about random issues that has been going on my head lately.

First, updating about my life! Just in case if you are wondering, I am currently still studying in SIM, pursuing a beautifully titled degree- Banking And Finance from UOL ( University of London).


If you are really interested in all the Banks, all that investments, tradings, or if you are really interested in being an investment banker, then this is the course for you.
Otherwise, you'll be suffering like YOURS TRULY :(

I cannot emphasize how much I loathe FINANCE MODULES! I just can't understand all that Math going on! Yeah it's just simple math but there's a lot of theory and understanding on how these Math works and how you gotta apply them :/



1. I have worked in a local bank for 2 years before deciding to go back to school. I felt that working bank was pretty stable, so I didn't mind pursuing a Banking degree so it will be easier for me to get back in.

2. MUM. She went with me to the open house.
The scenario at the Open House:
ME : Let's see if there's any Marketing courses here.
* Saw RMIT booth and walks over*
*Mum flips open the course of study brochure*
MUM : *with a frown* Not good enough, course modules are too brief
ME: Orh.
* Saw UOL booth, heard a lot of people choose UOL, walk over to booth*
ME: HUH here no courses I like leh, only relevant one is Banking And Finance
*Mum flips open the course of study brochure*
Mum: This one is better, choose this one.
ME : Orh.

  So that is how I landed myself into this bottomless pit hole which I really didn't like it at all.
No kidding, not a single module I am interested in, in exception for one module, which is my elective, Elements of Socialogy and Psychology ( ESAP ) for short.

To be honest, the course of study that I am really really interested in, is Communications, Journalism Degree, which is sadly, only offered in University of Buffalo. 
I couldn't afford it at all, so I thought Marketing would sound more interesting instead.

After all I thought, how hard can the Math be, just simple calculations! How is that tougher than the 2semesters of Engineering Math I took in Poly?

I was so so so wrong.

I always have the conception that, business modules are all about just memorising, well at least my friends in business courses gave me that impression- in poly.
And my friends still told me, Econs very easy, just MEMORISE WILL DO.
How hard can memory work be, right? I thought.

Thank god for my boyfriend, I am really really glad to have met him and he has been helping me in all the ways he can for those horrible FINANCE MODULES which I could never understand!

These finance modules require you to think like a Businessman / Finance person, which I feel, to be able to feel that the course material is like a breeze to you, you need to have business/ finance intuition.
Which sadly, I have to say, I do not have. 

Many of a time, I find it hard to understand the concept because I fail to think alongside on how Businessmen thinks :/

Sometimes I do feel I am really really stupid, and boyfie told me this, which I felt it was really true.

"Ask a fish to climb the tree and it will believe it's whole life that it is stupid"

Which, I felt it was really comforting and encouraging cause I know all these aren't my strong points.
Of course I can't excel so well in this path.

So to you readers out there, if you are doing something which you are not good at, and you aren't doing exceedingly well and you feel dejected, fret not!
I know how lousy that feels, I've cried many a times studying, felt like giving up but hey, sometimes Life does not throw us a choice, (or in my case, I could have a choice, but that's not so desirable I will need to defy my mum and imma not gonna encourage you guys to do that) and we just need to pass the phase and move on.

"We know we have our own strengths and weaknesses, you are not born stupid, nobody is" 
that is what my boyfriend always tells me when I feel downright stupid.

He'd start listing my strengths like, I am musically talented in Piano, I could listen by ear to the piece and sort of like, try to get the song out just by trying to identify the keys after listening to the song.

I am a language person, with creativity. Not bound by formulas,math, I have my own style of creation.
When I say Art, I am referring to things like, Piano, Languages, or even Art itself!
I love using creativity in my work, not something so boring, haha.

Guess I am just that, so I can't really appreciate all the Finance, Numbers, the Beauty of it all.

"It's like someone just hit the Snooze button and it is okay for me to sleep in for another 5 minutes" as quoted from Confessions of a Shopaholic haha.

I love that movie. I could totally understand and put myself in the shoes of her haha, I don't wanna mention how many times I rewatched that movie cause I could totally re-enact the movie LOL.

This is one of the reasons why I go into blogging too.

Since I am not able to be a journalist/editor of a magazine, I could be my own writer, not bounded by any topics to write about and letting my creativity flow.


It feels really great to pen it down somehow, you know, you just need a space to pour out your inner thoughts too, and I am not shy to share this; Cause I know some of you guys are having your O's right now, and probably are mugging out in the late hours out there... And maybe some of you are feeling stressed, dejected when you do not understand all the y = mx+c...

This is not the time to feel dejected!!!
Press on, it is only a phase.
Do well for it, don't leave any regrets and move on to the next phase/ chapter of your life!

With that,




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