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Some FAQ-tuals of SkinnyMint Tea


Hello all!

Sorry for the long hiatus and for neglecting this space :(
School has begun and I've been reaaally busy, juggling school work and events! 

As promised, I will be answering some FAQs of SkinnyMint tea! Many have private messaged me on facebook, emailed me and enquired about SkinnyMint Tea on my!

FAQ 1 (Most commonly asked question)

Hi stephanie! Does skinnymint really work? :)

Yes it does! I am not saying yes because I am sponsored by them, it is my credibility at stake haha. 
Before I began my teatox programme with SkinnyMint, my waist line was typically a 12.5"-13", now my waistline is 11.7"-12". It has not hovered more than 12" ( I reckon, haha ) as I could fit in my clothings which are sized at 11.5"-12". :D 

In addition, I feel the Night Cleanse tea is really really useful for me. I do feel my guts are really cleansed out and because of Ginger present in the tea, bloating after  dinners are gone cause Ginger do repels wind out from your body! 

FAQ 2 ( Also frequently asked)

Hey Stephanie. just wanna ask about skinny mint.. Does it cause diahoerra or causes stomach upset? Give me your honest feedback please ...

To be honest, yes it does cause me Diahoerra ( As mentioned in my first post about SkinnyMint, you can read up more here ) . However in my personal experience the Diahoerra is only once or twice in a day, and it is the Night Cleanse that causes the Diahoerra for me. 

Some of my readers feedback to me that they do get Diahoerra after drinking the Morning Boost too. So I guess it is really to each of it's own, I can't promise you if you wouldn't get more runs than myself as different body types react differently.

If you feel that the runs are getting overwhemling and disruptive, I would suggest that you try to lengthen the frequency of consumption? Like perhaps alternating the days you drink the tea? Or you could stop it periodically and see how it goes. 

***And always check the ingredients and check with your doctor if necessary! You don't want to put your life at stake! Can't emphasize this enough to my readers!***

FAQ 3 

What is your diet daily? 

Breakfast : An apple ( sometimes ), Raisin Bread or some biscuits

Lunch : It varies. Could be sushi, sliced fish soup, something along the line.  

I have steamed salmon and half boiled egg ( the watery breakfast eggs you get from Kopitiams ) daily for Dinner. 

Steamboat at boyfee's house every Saturday for dinner, if we do not have any special events.

If not I do have my cheat days too, haha. ( Check out my instagram @tintedwhiteroses ) I do not have a really strict diet, but I do put in effort to choose a healthier choice than Fried food and food with high carbs.

FAQ 4 

Are you sure SkinnyMint really helps you attain a slimmer waist line since you eat clean?

There's a disclaimer here, I do not eat clean! As mentioned in the previous question, I do put in an effort to have healthier options but it doesn't mean I eat clean strictly. 

I am sure it is SkinnyMint as I do not have a strict diet and I do not exercise as well haha ( Pledged guilty :/ )

I have been on this diet ( as mentioned above for a year plus now, and all it did was to allow me to maintain from 12.5"-13".

What is it that enabled me to drop a waistline of 12.5" to 12"? 
I guess it's SkinnyMint which helped, haha :D

FAQ 5 

Is SkinnyMint a slimming tea? Will it have any side effects on my body?

SkinnyMint is more of a detox tea in my opinion. It acts like a booster to speed up the process of detoxification. So if you eat clean and exercise regularly, you will see the effects sooner! :D

As for side effects, there shouldn't be any, cause the ingredients used are natural! But then again, there could be ingredients that people might be allergic to, so it is best to consult a doctor if you are uncertain :D


Do I need to exercise regularly and eat clean to see the results? Can I not?

As answered above! :D and I do not eat clean and exercise religiously too, but I do see the results! Then again, it depends on each individual's metabolism and receptive rate, so I can't guarantee you will have the same results as I do.


How long do I need to consume SkinnyMint before I can see the results?

To each of it's own, I saw the results after 3 weeks of consumption. It also depends on your daily lifestyle, eating habits as well.


Hi Stephanie! Does the Night Cleanse tea yucky?

Nope, it doesn't! But it is not so tasty imo as there's ginger present in the tea! If you can appreciate ginger taste/smell, you'll love it I guess? :D

That's all I have, do keep the questions coming, if you do have any doubts about SkinnyMint, do feel free to email me / drop me a question on my page at the right!

And if you haven't tried SkinnyMint Tea, do give it a try now for a less bloated, healthier you! There is a bestie promotion ongoing and you and your best girl
Friend/ boyfriend/ or simply anyone, to enjoy the discount!

You can order it right here 

I'll leave you readers to be gorgeous!

With love,

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