Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Style x Stephanie "Dos and don'ts"

Hello my dear readers ( if i have anyone left, haha) 

I am back with a short post on some tips on how I choose my outfits, as requested by some readers of my blog. So sorry to have dragged it till now :(( been really up to my neck juggling my school work! 


Okay, let's begin!

Personally, I am not a very tall person. I wouldn't consider myself tall, in my context, haha. Am standing at 1.57m. 

Build wise, I wouldn't consider myself really petite and slender, cause I do have baby fats all over my body. My thighs (especially) , arms, and my face too, although I lost quite a bit on my cheeks.

A little background of myself, I have been a dancer during my younger days, did Ballet dancing and Chinese dance in my primary school years. I quit dance altogether during Secondary school, but I joined back dance during my Poly days again. 

All the ballet dancing during my younger years has sort of made my body form muscular calves and inner thighs as we need to have lots of leg and muscle control. Plus, I wasn't really that slim all along, and muscles are built to support body weight too. 

So hence I believe that is the reason for my muscular legs, and it does show at times when I wear heels or tiptoe, and I couldn't appreciate these legs because who likes muscular legs? 

I mean, they will be people who appreciates them, but in general, people do yearn for slender, lean legs, don't they? ( and when I mean slender, lean legs I don't mean legs looking as thin as a rake, do not get me wrong.

So I am well aware of my flaws; muscular legs and not a very petite bone structure, but I am aware of my plus points too!

I have a short torsel and longer legs, in comparison of the ratio of them. 

I mean like, most reasonably cropped crop tops, are meant to like, show your flat tummy/ slim waist line off with a nice pair of highwaists/ midwaisted shorts. But crop tops nicely end at my belly button, which makes me, in a way, no need to show any of my body flesh in a way, haha. Call that a blessing for me as I do not have those super flat tummies / abs to show off so I guess there's nothing to really flaunt? Haha. 

If you still do not understand what I mean, here's a picture of me in a typical cropped top.

See how nicely the crop top ends off nicely without me showing any tummy flesh, haha. 

Okay, next, I have a pretty small waist, I would consider my waist just slightly below the average waistlines of ladies? My waistline is now hovering between 11.7-12" nowadays, haha. 

Here comes another issue with me buying pants/shorts. My hips aren't that small due to my body frame, so hence, that creates some trouble with me buying highwaist shorts which aint stretchable at all.

For instance, I could fit size S, waist 12" -12.5" but the hips area is like, 13-13.5"? And size M waist are typically 13-13.5" and that would mean I can't wear the shorts highwaisted anymore. It would be too loose for me to get M and too small for my hips for size S. 

And yes, I do face such problems and I believe I am not alone! 

To curb this issue, I would usually get bottoms that are stretchy/ or have some allowance of stretchiness to accomodate my body frame, so that is also one of the reasons why I love dresses/ skirts!

It is important to know your plus points so you can accentuate your figure with the suitable clothing which complements you; and hide/ draw attention away from the flaws that you have!

That is my trick to my Style x Stephanie, haha.

If you have a body structure like I do, crop tops to help to lengthen your entire body length, so it does give an illusion of longer legs, and you can wear a midi skirt/ maxi skirt to match with your cropped top!

 I wouldn't advice to wear skirts that end nicely at your knee cap as it would accentuate your calves, and that is the LAST thing you wanna pull off. 

Short skirts are fine, but not toooo short. You dont wanna be a victim of upskirting :/

Alternatively, highwaisted shorts/ pants will look awesome but do try to get a little stretchy ones cause I do need a little allowance for my hips to fit!

I love moto denim shorts as they kinda have a slimming effect on your legs somehow? Haha.

And oh, do throwover a cardigan, preferably a length like mine above, to cover up your thighs a little, so it gives a slimmer impression? Haha. 

Dresses and rompers with a slight flare at the bottom can never go wrong ( most of the time, haha. Everytime is too strong a word)

One more final tip!
I love to pair my outfits, if possibly, with heels, simple bandage sandals and ow my new love, Boots for this cold season! Heels do kinda give the illusion of longer legs and that helps me greatly in "lengthening" and making me look taller in a way, hehe.

I hope my post today is pretty informative for you all, and always remember; 
"Always accentuate your flairs and conceal away your flaws!"

With that, 


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