Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2015, love and love somemore.

Hardly past a week of 2015 and I am bedridden, sick. Down with a serious flu actually brought over from last year. 

Kaye, moving on to the topic, well...

One of my resolutions this year, 2015,
is to love and love somemore.

Why, if you may ask?

2014 has been a year of so many happenings.

In summary, it wasn't an easy year but I've learnt a lot, seen much more. ( of the world literally, and of mankind )

1. Firstly, am thankful for the Boss of thehautetheory, for giving me a chance to model for your shop! I know there are many more famous, prettier, slimmer models than I am, but yet you gave me a chance to model for you, as you told me you saw potential in me, so you took time to groom me into who I am today. I don't know how I can express my gratitude towards you. But 真的谢谢你! 

2. Had a chance to do sponsorship with SkinnyMint tea. Thankyou Skinnymint for giving me this chance to review this product and for the sponsorship!

 This was a huge step for me because I had no prior experience in handling advertorials and clients! Again, a big thankyou to my bff, Natasha, who is also the boss of thehautetheory! Thankyou for teaching me how to handle and reply my clients in more professional manner!

3. This brings me to my next point. I've finally had a flavour of how it is to be in this social media industry. I have to get used with the stares and finger pointing because the public will scrutinize you from head to toe. * Especially when they recognize you outside *

I've seen too many unhappiness caused by hatred, jealousy, misunderstandings within each other. 

With that, I beseech to all, let go of that negativity that you have within.

It makes you a happier person, it allows you think positively, inhale in the good, out with the bad.

Why carry all that heavy grudge with you over this brand new year?

It's time you put it down, try to learn to love the imperfections of the world, and a loving heart is always the most beautiful.

This is a constant reminder to myself, love benigns all.

It's a brand new year, let's spread love and positivity all around! ❤️

4. Lastly, I would also like to take this chance to thank everyone who has been loving me unconditionally, accepting who I am, been always there for me. 

Special thanks to my love, Sia Binghan, for always being there for me, loving my imperfections, accepting my flaws and who I am. This year has been a hard time for you as you have to teach a person who is just so weak in Finance modules! I am so sorry if I stressed you out, thankyou for being so patient with me!

B and myself at 60th Level of Altez, attending AJ's 21st Nautical Birthday in Dec ❤️

Happy anniversary on 18th Nov ❤️

B's Birthday surprise on 23rd Sept at Bintan, this was taken at the Massage Parlour ❤️

B's Bday Surprise with Family at Momoji jap buffet restaurant ❤️

Bkk trip with B and his family in early Sept ❤️ 

清净草原 at 台中!❤️

十分天灯,where 那些年,我们一起追的女孩 was filmed at ❤️

On the plane from Taipei back to Sg with B ❤️

B came down to support me and Natasha at my very first flea, some time in beg of Oct ❤️

Not forgetting my family! So sorry for not being a good daughter in ways that I felt could have been better. I do feel sad that I could not accomodate to spend more time with you guys, due to school and my shoots, advertorial commitments! 
Thanks for being there for me no matter what come may, for being so understanding, and I am trying my best to juggle my time better to be by your side more. ❤️

Grandpa's Sweet Soup Dumpling during 冬至 (Dec)

Mum's birthday at 北胜楼 on 21st Nov ! ❤️

Grandpa's 81st Birthday at 螃蟹之家 with my Maternal family members ❤️

Grandpa's Longevity peach Bday Cake!

Uncle Willy and Aunty Penny's Xmas present to me ❤️

Uncle Anthony and Aunty Sandy's Xmas present to me ❤️

Xmas presents cum 冬至 celebration at Grandfather's place in Dec! ( myself, cousin and sister ❤️ )

Last but not least, Natasha, Xueling, Nic darl, my dear PANGSEHS, my reunited secondary school clique, Yimin, Sinyi, SockEng, Jingyi! B's family, my Uni friends, OG8!  Made a couple of new friends this year, in SCB, Cassie, Weiyang, Biel, Jeneve, AJ, Kentwell, Yibin, Simeon and Remaine_world, for being my forever supporter, hehe!

And so many more others, thankyou for being part of my journey in 2014, painting my journey in vibrant colours, really, thinking back all these memories leave me nothing but a smile as I type this out!

Lil' Samantha's baby shower in Dec ❤️

Lunch meet up with Eunice dear, on my last day of work in SCB ❤️

AJ's 21st Nautical Birthday in Dec ❤️ ( remaineworld, Aj and myself )

Taiwan Trip in June ( 日夜谭)here's Huicheng and myself ❤️

Taiwan Trip in June ( 日夜谭 )2 couples group shot with the iconic stone haha

Ipoh, Penang, Malacca, Genting trip with b's family. ❤️ ( B's youngest sis, first sis and myself )

First Neoprint in 2014, taken with B's youngest sis in Nov ❤️

Bro bear's Early 21st Masquerade Party in Aug, before flying off to Aussie for 2 months.

Kerin and Kitson's Wedding on 11th May, at Crowne Hotel, Changi Airport ❤️

Meet up with my reunited sec sch clique! Sinyi, Yimin, myself, Sock eng and Jingyi at Sukiya, in Early Nov! ❤️

Uni OG8 with some other friends also from the same uni, for a gathering at Changi Chalet ( 1st day of the Ghost month in July ) ❤️

MinJia's 21st! Tgt with some of our Uni friends, OG 8, in Aug! ❤️

My dear Xueling's Birthday Early Celeb on 2nd Oct! ❤️

Meet up with my oh-so-similar girlfriend, Rachel, in May! We are so alike in many ways ❤️

Made a dear friend, Cassie in SCB! We loveeee almost the exact same food, and we can go on and on talking about Jap food ❤️

Little miss piggy, myself and her friend, Melissa! Thankyou so much for coming down to my first ever Flea! ❤️

Some polaroids of very dear friends which lasted for more than 5 years. Put this up while during Spring cleaning for CNY ❤️

Last day of work in SCB ( 27th Aug ) some of the lovely peeps ive met there ❤️

B's HWY secondary school clique! Thanks for inviting me to your Xmas gathering and for organzing such fun activities! ❤️ This is a staycation at Park Royal Hotel for Xmas!

Some of B's family and their other halves, at Changi Airport on Xmas Eve ❤️

And there are so so much more...

All these events, meetups, hold a very fond place in my heart, and thankyou all once again, for being part of my life in 2014!

Last but not least,
One of my new year resolutions is to work harder academically and for my social media as well!

With that,
Have a great new year my dear readers!

P.S : Cant wait for thehautetheory's new launch!!!

Here's a sneak peak:


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