Friday, 9 January 2015

Feeling blessed

"Wow, its so so so beautiful!!!"

I was overwhelmed.

Owning a prada wallet nowadays to people of my age, ( I am 24 btw ), isn't such a big deal anymore, as most of my friends, I reckon most people of my age would at least own one branded item.

Maybe some of you reading this post wil be shrugging your shoulders and probably thinking, it's just a prada wallet? What's the big deal?

To be honest, the branded stuff I have so far till date, are all given as presents, gifts by others, and I have never bought any of these luxurious goods out from my own pocket. Lest if you consider Longchamp bag as one? I bought a White long champ bag 3 years ago when I got my first bonus when I was working back then.

Back to the prada wallet, I was really nearly brought to tears when I saw this... 

Weeks ago, close to a month before, I was having breakfast with him when my mum was away to Hongkong, I mentioned to him in jest that I am intending to change my wallet cause my old Coach wallet ( given as a farewell gift from my previous workplace) , is tattered, discoloured and stained. 

My parents, they have been working so hard all their lives, especially my father, as he is the sole breadwinner of the family now and it really touched my heart to know that he actually bought me a wallet because he knew I needed a new wallet. 

I know he knows I am not a label chaser but he felt I needed a good wallet to last me through sometime and he didn't mind paying more for the quality and the design... As long as he felt it was justifiable.

Never would I have dreamt that he would buy a Prada wallet for me, much less thought that he actually went around looking for designs that he thought I would like...

I am really very touched by my parents' Gesture to me and it really really means a lot. To me, it's not just a wallet, but it means so so much more. It's a gift of thoughtfulness, love, and some other things that words can't even describe.

I am sorry if this post bores you cause I felt the need to journal my current feelings right now and I would like to share my sentiments with you all...

I felt I've always not done enough to be a good daughter and I am trying my best everytime... To spend more time with you guys as I know if I don't, I know I will regret my whole life cause life is unpredictable... You never what will happen next, so to all my readers out there, I beseech you guys to spend more family time with your parents, grandparents, family...

For all we know, it might be a final goodbye.

Thankyou for bringing me up these past 24 years, being by my side when I needed you guys most, educating me moral values to who I am today, and most importantly, loving me unconditionally. I may not have expressed it nor told you guys in person I love you, but deep in my heart, I do.

Feeling really blessed, happy, contented with my lot in life.

Mum, sister, B, father ❤️

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