Sunday, 18 January 2015

Random update!

Hellooooo readers! Pardon my bared face and a bespectacled me! Had a slight eye infection yesterday and I thought of resting my eyes today cause I dont wanna risk losing sight due to contaminated lenses, etc.

Just a short random update on how I spent my Sunday with an impromptu decision to bake!

I was given a Rilakkuma Waffle/Pancake mould by B, 2 years ago as a Xmas gift! I have only used it once, which I felt it was really a pity cause I do have passion for baking, cooking stuffs just for leisure purposes hehe.

So.... I decided to whip out my waffle maker today and make some yummy pancakes for my boyfriend and whoever is around at his house!

I bought this pancake mix from Cold storage, there are brands like Aunt Jemima's, some other brands that I couldn't really recall off hand. You can get the pancake mix from NTUC or any supermart stores for like a price range of $5.50-$6 plus? Not really sure but I bought mine for $5.70! 

I reckon it's pretty reasonable as you can make quite a number of pancakes from just that one box of mix, and I am intending to only make a few!

The process is pretty easy, just pour the pancake mix into a mixing bowl and add water! Stir the mixture well and you can proceed to heat up the Pan, in my case, the waffle maker.

Do remember to grease the pan with butter evenly and do not be stingy with it... Cause... The pancake will stick to the bottom of your pan and the whole pancake wont come out nicely.

Looks pretty right!

It was B's youngest sister's idea to try to make colourful pancakes!

That was our first try, the Pink colour was really pretty but we didnt add enough butter to grease the pan so it didn't come out nicely :(

The 2nd try was a Purple coloured pancake but it didn't turn out well cause we kinda 'fried' it as we tried to add oil instead of butter cause we thought butter wouldn't work as well. But we were wrong, we added too much oil so it turned out into a Fried oily charred pancake which wasn't really that much of an edible one so we threw it away! :/

This is our 3rd try! The colour wasn't really intended but we kinda added a lot of yellow colouring to purple to achieve this 'matcha' coloured pancake which surprisingly looked better that we thought
it would be, and the taste was good! We added a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream to this after the picture.

I wasn't too pleased with the colour so I decided to make another on my own for B as his sister needed to rush off to meet
her friends for dinner.

This is the final try I made for B, as B requested for original flavoured pancake, and with the help of B's youngest sis ( she worked at The Daily Scoop before) the ice cream scoop was really professional and yay! I dribbled the chocolate sauce and it was good to go!

The downside was the ice cream melted
really quickly and I wonder why? The ice cream was from Haagen Daz, shouldn't melt so fast right? Hmmm...

The final verdict! B and I shared the waffle and it was good!!! The conconction was just right but well, there's always room for improvement hehe.

Ingredients used:
-Pancake Mix
-Hershey's Chocolate Sauce
-Haagen Daz Vanilla Ice cream
-Food colourings ( Cherry red for the Pink, around 1 Teaspoon, the Yellow we just kinda spammed the Purple Mixture to achieve the 'Matcha' colour haha )

Looking forward to more baking adventures with B's youngest sis!

We made Rainbow Nutella Cupcakes together on the 1st day of the year and it was a success!

Here's me taking a break after all that baking!

Happy yet a tired me!

Have a great week ahead readers! Hope your Sunday was well spent too! ❤️


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