Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Hello guys!

So sorry for the lack of updates!
Had a really busy week! If you followed me on instagram, (@tintedwhiteroses)

Attended one of my secondary school best friends' wedding last Saturday (I'll be dedicating a post on this ) 

and my prelims are around the corner, YESSS you heard me right. It's gonna commence right after CNY and it means I've reaaaaallly got to start mugging which also explains why the lack of updates :(

Also, I will be going on a double date trip with the brown, his cousin and gf to BKK ( yet again I know, it's like a yearly affair LOL)

So that's all I have for nowww.
So sorry guys, I gotta leave this space un-updated and I'll try to write some short posts as much as I can!

Meanwhile, have a great day to whoever's reading this! 


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