Tuesday, 3 March 2015

CNY 2015

Hello readers! ❤️

I shall not begin my post by saying how sorry I neglected this blog haha but by saying HAPPY CNY to all of you out there reading my blog! ❤️

Without further ado, I shall bring you guys through how I spent my CNY this year! 

Dating back to 除夕夜 ( a day before  CNY) :
We had potluck at my maternal grandfather's place,

We have stewed mushrooms, abalone, black pepper crabs, prawns, sharkfin's soup, steamed fish, scallops with brocolli, some meat which was for praying in the morning and the louhei ( the round dish in the middle of the table ) ! It was really a sumptuous dinner and a heartwarming gathering!

Everyone caught up with their lives over laughters during dinner ❤️

My ootn dress kindly sponsored by thehautetheory❤️

My father taught me how to make this "orange" whilst watching the countdown show on Channel 8 haha.

Yayyyyy it's 初一!First day of the new spanking lunar new year! #selfiefirst haha

My maternal grandfather and I, posing for a photo like "award ceremony" hahaha.

As our family had no other plans that day as all plans were pushed back, so I was asked to join in the visiting for Binghan's family.


2nd day kick started off with heading over to my paternal's side, as both my paternal grandfather passed away, there was only my 2 aunts there.

My ootd maxi dress was from theclosetlover ❤️

Headed down to binghan's house after to join them for dinner, and that was how 初二 ended!

<初三 >

Binghan came over to my house for a visit and we headed to his house in the early afternoon after his visit.

My ootd : Top:  peppythread
                Bottom: self

初三 was allocated for my friends' gathering way back and we had a steamboat dinner at teckwei's house! Sorry no photos of the steamboat as we were too hungry!
We managed to surprise teckwei for his birthday as it was just around the corner haha!

So happy we caught up over steamboat ❤️ we need more meetups like these :((
Ohyeah forgot to introduce, they are my secondary school friends who have been there for me during my ups and downs ❤️❤️❤️


began off the day with mugging for exams at home as I had exams the following week goshhhh :(((

My ootd today is from faythlabel!

After an afternoon of mugging, I followed my mum to meet my 表姨 ( my mum's cousin ) to pay them a visit for CNY and their newborn is just so cuteeeee hehe ❤️

My pretty 表姨 and her 3 nieces hahaha 

After that we headed over to my 3rd Aunt's house to louhei again!

Didn't take pictures of food though cause we were all famished!

Which was just last saturday! 

My ootn is from, Top : Fashmob 
                          Bottom: aforarcade

Had a steamboat gathering at my cousin's place,

Sumptuous steamboat dinner! Dayumzzz

Family group photos together, everybody looking so happy and full of smiles ❤️

The lunar new year is a tradition for the Chinese, to come together as a family, we should not break this tradition and keep it on going, as they always say, 一家团聚就是福 ( When everybody comes together as a family to enjoy a dinner is a form of bliss )

Today is the last day of CNY, have you eaten your 汤圆? ( sweet soup dumplings )

Signing off with love,


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