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GENTING TRIP ( 7th March 15 - 9th March 15)

Helloooo alll! ❤️

Am blogging using my iphone now since I've got a looonggg 5 hour ride journey back to Sg! 

I shall use this time to update my blog as when I hit back to reality I've got to start mugging for exams and I will be quite busy again :((

Okayyy the reason for this trip is actually because B's family is being cordially invited to Genting's 50th Anniversary dinner gala night! So yeap, this short getaway is an awesome idea to unwind, recharge ourselves as we just ended our prelims last week!

Me feeling comfy and snug in thehautetheory 's parka and my neck rest Brown hehe ❤️ So thankful for the parka cause the aircon in the bus was really cold! Everyone was complaining how cold the bus was, even B who isn't afraid of cold most of the time hahaha.

Me and my very cute bee luggage haha. #dontjudge okay! It looks very happy to go overseas and I was telling B's mum it brings smiles to all looking at it because how can you not smile when looking at such a cute luggage smiling at you? Hahahaha.

Checked into First World hotel, this is the new tower and the room doors look very vintage so must #ootd there! :x okay moving on!

The rooms are not very spacious if you want my honest opinion. The toilets are rather small and compact, ( think of it like a thin and long rectangular compartment ) But the plus point is, the beds are really comfy!

 Really! No joke. I slept really well for the past 2 nights. I am the kind who has problem sleeping overseas cause of the bed, etc. Not because I was exhausted but it is really comfortable! The room temp was good enough, but we turned the fan on for ventilation whilst we snug under the comfy white sheets.

The view from our hotel room!

A photo booth was set up for us to take photos with the Gala dinner poster and after which, we were all seated.

The dinner began with a bang with the Lionmen dancing in with vibrant lions and yes the lion came and nuzzled by me which gave me a shock as it appeared behind my back hahaha. But still, managed to take a shot with the Lion!

Pardon the quality of the picture cause of the dim lighting! :( 

A group photo with B's family and the 97.2 DJs! 

We headed back to the room after dinner as there wasn't really much to do there after haha unless gambling at the casino/ playing bowling at night but we didn't really fancy any of those activities haha.

So back to the room we went, we showered and sat on our beds, then we started playing online personality quizzes together hahaha! It's not boring as it sounds k, very entertaining and funny cause we went on for a good 2 hours trying out different quizzes!

The 2nd day began with hotel buffet breakfast as usual, and we went to walk around the shopping centre at First world and went out of the hotel for some fresh air. 

The air is so so so good!

 There was never once I sneezed there and no runny nose/ nasal congestions. The doctor said I should stay in mountainous areas with clear and good air to cure my sinus allergy / rhinitis problems.

Had to do an #ootd there hahaha the air was so fresh and it was approximately 21.5 degrees! How I wish singapore is like that :(

We had this herbal Jelly (龟苓膏) and it tasted pretty authentic, like slightly bitter without honey, but I like the taste very much! B's sister didn't really like the taste cause it was too bitter for her, so I guess it's up to individual haha.

We felt tired after walking around so we went back to the hotel room for a quick nap of an 1hour-ish and we felt recharged!

Pardon the camwhore, we just had to hahahahaha 

We had Kenny Rogers for lunch and then we are like, what shall we do ah? Hahahaha honestly there isn't much to do at Genting's, lest you spend your time in your Casino and probably time will pass faster? Haha.

So we decided to catch a movie (Kingsmen) at 6pm and we had 2 hours to burn haha. So again, we went to walk around the mall ( I swear we walked past Snow World at least 5 times haha ) and bought some local delights back.

The movie Kingsmen is good! Haha I would rate it one of the best movies I've watched in this year but some parts are kinda gory and I don't really like it :/ Other than that, storyline was good, I'd rate it 9/10 ! Go catch it if you haven't!

We met B's parents for dinner at this Taiwan Cuisine cafe ( Qiqi Taiwan ) if I am not mistaken, the food was mediocre, wouldn't really recommend ya'll to go there, but their Taro Milk tea is good!

After dinner,  we walked to this ice cream stall where I've been always wanting to try the pretty-looking ice cream, from this gelato parlour.

And me! I've chosen the Hazelnut and Vanilla ice cream! They are vanilla icecreams coated with colourful shells which have different flavours!

A closeup of the ice cream

And B looking happy with his ice cream hehe ❤️

We ended the 2nd day with a massage at Healing Touch, a massage centre right beside Watsons, near the First World Hotel Lift lobby area. 

My feet soaked in a bag of hot tea in the picture above!

A #wefie together whilst soaking our legssss! My my, it was goooood hahaha! 

I love massages anytime, anywhere, and my masseur was very knowledgeable and professional! She shared with me about health care, food,what problems I have in my health and how should I improve my lifestyle to be healthier!

After that 1 hour rejuvenating session, we headed to a cafe to have supper and back to the hotel room to chit chat and rest for the night!

The last day at Genting came, (sad to say) and time for reality :(

We boarded the bus at 12.30pm and we travelled down hill to this quaint place to buy local good and for some yummy local delights, like Fried Tapioca cake, noodles, etc.

The cafe area

The place where you can purchase local products! 

I simply adore the set up of the place! The lightings and fan gives a vintage touch to the whole atmosphere hahaha

Okay guys, that's all I have for the Genting Trip haha, do stay tuned for the next post! Shan't tell you what is brewing in the midst now, keep a lookout on my instagram, @tintedwhiteroses to find out what will be coming up!

With that, have a great Tuesday ahead!

#ootd by thehautetheory ❤️

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