Thursday, 26 March 2015

In Memory of our fallen star; the father of our nation.

As I pen this down, a tinge of sadness weighs down my heavy heart.

On 23rd March 3.18am, the outcome that Singaporeans were fervently praying for did not come to pass.

The devastating news broke hearts nationwide, evoking sorrows from within. With much grief, we have come to acknowledge the fact that the father of our nation has left us.

Mr Lee, thank you for building up this nation that we call Home.

 Despite the many challenges you faced, you showed your relentless spirit and determination to fight for Singapore's independence. 

Being a young Singaporean, I could not witness your tenacious spirit back then, but to enjoy the fruits of labour you painstakingly sowed throughout all these years.

The beautiful skylines of Marina Bay, the robustness of Singapore's economy, the business district of Shenton and Raffles, the highrise HDB flats in Singapore are the few of the many achievements you've attained thus far. 

Look at how travelling has been made convenient for all; there are always buses, taxis and trains for us to commute by. The safety and security system in Singapore is an even bigger testament to your legacy (Even my UK lecturer himself says Singapore is the safest country to be in )!

As the nation mourns your passing, it's beautiful to witness Singaporeans coming together as one, showing different acts of love and kindness to each other despite being strangers. 

Thank you for dedicating your lifetime to Singapore, Mr Lee. You have definitely left behind an indelible legacy.

李光耀先生, 请您安息,一路走好。

Photo credits: Remembering LKY facebook page

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