Saturday, 11 April 2015

BlossomElixir bust ampoules cream review


Heyyyy earthlings! 

I have a great product to share with you girls for this summer!!!

When we think of summer, we think of suntanning at a beach, wearing a bikini, slurping some chilled drink with shades on right?!

Okay that's me chillin at BKK Glow hotel haha :D #majorthrowback I know I am not yet done with my BKK part two post lor :((( i know i know. Still stuck halfway done at my draft. Too many things to do!

As women, we all want to look confident in our bikinis or even in our everyday clothings as well! 

There are several common bust problems that women might face:  undeveloped bust, imbalance bust size, sagging bust, dry and wrinkle bust and flat bust! :((

The causes of these problem are mostly due to weight gain, smoking, number of pregnancies, ageing changes in the bust and undeveloped bust.

That's why I am introducing you this awesome product; BlossomElixir bust ampoules cream from JBeauty! :D

It is a product that is a non sticky/oily ampoule that can enlarge your boobs naturally! It has been proven to increase a woman’s bust size by stimulating the growth of new bust cells!


What are the BENEFITS?!

» Induce mastogenic effect
» Increase blood supply
» Estrogen mimicking properties
» Alleviate PMS symptoms
» Ultimate pump up bust size

Bust Orthopedic surgery is often seen as the only method that can solve the problem and it is deemed to be risky as it is an invasive surgery afterall.

Hence, BlossomElixir recognises this need and has come up with a miracle product that offers a safe and non-invasive bust enhancement without surgery solutions!

What's more?!

Besides having beautiful bust, the amazing ingredients of Bust ampoules cream help ease the tension of skin tissue, removing the skin moisture, smooth guarantor circulating in the body, get rid of the skin which has thick cuticles, moisturize, nourish skin and create a sexy curve for your buttocks!

Say byebye to saggy boobs and butt!

My verdict?

This is the first time I am using a bust enhancement product! I have never tried any bust enhancement type of treatment/cream/gel before!

I decided to give it a try when Jbeauty approached me for this sponsorship.

 This gel is recommended to apply after your shower. I apply it twice a day, once in the morning and another at night.

Ohyes did i mention it smelt really good too?! The gel's fragrance is like those sweet berries kind, but don't worry, it is not those pungent kinds, the scent won't linger for long!

I really like the consistency of the gel! It is smooth and easy to apply! It does not leave a sticky or burning/hot sensation, but instead, it absorbs really quick into the skin!

I applied this at my boobs area, I did not try for the butt though hahaha!


My main concern was to actually alleviate the heaviness and sore feeling on my boobs right before my period, and yes, this product promises to alleviate PMS symptoms so I was really excited to try :D

3 weeks had already passed, and I stopped for 1 week due to my menses!
I read it off the instruction manual and it mentioned before that it is not recommended to use during your menses period! 

Hence I stopped for a week and yes, I did not feel the heaviness and soreness of my boobs during/before my period! Seriously, not kidding! It was just one week of application and I saw the results! *Say yay!!!*

Also, I do feel that my boobs did become a little perkier after 2 weeks of application but it was not really that significant as compared to the alleviation of my PMS problems like the heaviness and soreness of boobs! :D

In a nutshell, I definitely wouldn't mind continuing on using this product as I feel it does work for me and brownie points to the smell hahahaha :D

And do visit their Facebook page at ( ) and Instagram for the product details and other products you might be interested in!

Thank you so so much for reading guys, I hope my sharing was useful anddddd HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY LOVELIES! ❤️



  1. Will it be effective for breast enhancement like Breast Actives cream? if yes please let me know.

    1. Hi swifttty!

      I've never used any other brands before, so I can't really advice you if it's effective as another! So sorry about it! :(

  2. Do u buy blossom elixir drink? When during menses period can drink?