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If you followed me on instagram, remember I mentioned I have something to share with you guys???

Some of you readers would have already known that I was invited to a Prive Vitale x Beauty Cleanse Tea Party alongside with some other bloggers last month, a week before CNY!

When I was invited to join the session, I was intrigued to find out more about Prive Vitale Clinic as they are an established brand when it comes to aesthetics! 

We all know that nowadays juice cleansing is now an open secret amongst many OLs on maintaining their hourglass silhouttes yet being able to stay healthy simultaneously!

Therefore, I was got all excited upon knowing Beauty Cleanse will be coming down to share about their Juices and how do we go about Juice cleansing!

I was greeted by the cosy settings of the new outlet. The lightings and colour theme caught my fancy immediately!

Dr Karen Soh started the session by introducing herself to us, and we are all seated at the comfy sofa whilst listening to her.

No pictures were taken that time as all of us were so immensed on what Dr Karen Soh had to tell us about the procedure of fillers and botox that will be demonstrated on Sandra!

Dr Karen showed us the rooms where we will receive our treatment. The room looks very pristine and professional, I would say.

My, there's even a warm blanket to cover ourselves to keep us warm during our treatment and ladies, not to worry if you girls were dresses/skirts to come for treatment during lunch!

 So thoughtful of them! *more brownie points hehe*

Dr Karen proceeded to explain to us a little more about Botox and Fillers, what are they and also what are the areas that people usually use them!

FYI, do you know that Botox can also be administered to your calf muscles as well?

WOW. Pardon for my ignorance, haha. Okay moving on!

Dr karen did a demo on Sandra, and showed us how she
inject Botox and Fillers for enhancement. She also showed us this numbing tool that she will apply before administering the injection.

This numbing tool has a temperature of -120'C at the metal tip, so when you leave it on a specific area of your skin, you will not be able to feel anything during the injection! How awesome is that!

Pretty Sandra was telling us that it was painless after the procedure and she could still go on and talk about Juices after!

The effect of the fillers and botox are immediate, it is certainly quick and fuss free and busy people to come in and go out of the clinic looking perfect!

All within minutes!

After the demo, Boon from Beauty Cleanse, came by to share with us about the Juice Cleanse program.

During the sharing session, we are generously offered different juices to try! There was a tea party after, interactive session with Dr Karen and the Juice cleanse representatives and photo taking session with the bloggers! There are several photo taking props and they were so fun! 

As you guys know from my previous post on my skin care regime, I have dull skin and uneven skin tone problems as well as pimple scars as I did not see the importance of taking care of my face during my adolescent years! :(( Hence, when Prive approached me on the choice of services, I opted for their Revlite Laser Treatment!

I spoke to Dr Karen about my concern for my skin condition and she too agreed that I should go ahead and choose the Laser Treatment to treat my skin! Dr Karen was very friendly and patient when I speaking to her, she's not intimidating at all! 

Did I mention she is a mum with 2 kids?! She is indeed really pretty and well groomed that she doesn't even look like a mum!

We were also given this box of patisseries which were really reallly deliciously yummy! ❤️ I have a weakness for desserts and cakes, can't say no to them despite knowing they are full of calories!

As I was rather skeptical about going into a juice cleanse program as they are all blended with a mix of vegetables and fruits! 

Anddd sadly Stephanie is not a vegetable lover at all! :( By saying that means I do not really eat much vegetables as I dislike the taste especially raw ones? I always wonder why people can eat salad with huge pieces of raw lettuce sticking out of their bowl :/

Having said that, I've heard of many good testaments about Beauty Cleanse's Cold Pressed juices, like how it helps your skin to be glowy and radiant, plus having a healthy gut and losing weight! I am really considering of doing a juice cleanse to my body as it is really beneficial despite my hate-relationship for veggies hehe! Maybe my love for veggies can begin from here? Hahaha.

Do visit their website  for more info!

Andddd also I will be sharing next on my RevLite Laser treatment by Prive Vitale below!

I made an appointment on 18th March to go down to Prive Vitale for my RevLite Laser Treatment!

What is RevLite Laser treatment?

Revlite Laser is a non-invasive treatment that uses light energy to gently stimulate natural collagen growth, minimizes pores, remove irregular pigmentation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Areas of concern?

Revlite Laser can be done on the undereyes, face, hands and body, practically anywhere there is exposed to the sun.

I was greeted with friendly nurses this time, when I entered!

I was given forms to fill in prior to the laser treatment

I was then ushered into the treatment room and the nurses got me to lie down and then they started preparing the equipment.

Hence, some close up shots of me with sans makeup except for sunblock that I always emphasize to apply.

Yeah hi! :D

The nurses are now going to help me put on this shower cap to rid any hair which may interfere with the laser treatment later and remove my sunblock from my face.

I was introduced to my Doctor who will be the one administering the laser for me, her name is Dr Chung!

She is really friendly and professional when explaining to me the procedures of the laser process, aftercare procedures and some queries that I have!

Here's the RevLite Laser Treatment procedure:

There is a laser machine and the cold air machine which facilitates the cooling down the treated area. 

The laser machine is used to treat acne scars, pimple scars, dullness in skin tone, rejuvenation of skin, minimizes pores.

 The laser will stimulate collagen underneath the skin to promote regeneration and suppleness of skin.

 Dr Chung tested out the laser strength on my hand if the pain level is tolerable.

The laser sensation feels like lots of rubberbands shooting on your skin, but is definitely tolerable! 

During the procedure:

The laser and cold air machine are to be used together, so as not let your skin be so red when laser is applied on skin.

Personally there was a time when the laser was administered on my nose area, I had difficulty breathing as the cold air was blowing right ontop on my nose! 

I quickly informed Dr Chung and the nurse and they stopped the cold air machine when lasering my nose.

However, there will be a burning smell due to the laser in contact with the hair follicles on face, so not to worry!

Post Laser Treatment

After the laser session, esp for first timers, your skin will be more pinkish/reddish, which is perfectly normal.

A more close up photo of my face after the treatment!

Due to the lighting, the reddish/pinkish areas on my cheeks, forehead are not that obvious. You may want to click and zoom in to the photo for a clearer view :)

Aftercare Treatment:

I was adviced by Dr Chung not to use pimple cream/ any cream which dries up d skin as it may aggravate the red pores.

Sunscreen, umbrellas, sunblock must be applied for 48 hours, no suntanning is allowed for 2 weeks if not there will be some pigmentation problems on skin. 


You can apply Makeup but you must be very thorough in removing so no makeup residue left so as to avoid inflammation of the pores.

When can we see the effects?

After the 1st session, the effects can only be seen on microscoptic level, it is recommended to have 4- 6 more sessions to see the effect on skin on visable eye.

This is Dr Chung listening to my queries, haha

The whole treatment session is fast, it only lasts for 5 mins.

Therefore it's very feasible for most working ladies come over during lunch time and there's no downtime at all. 
You can apply makeup and continue your usual day to day activities!

 How awesome is that! :D

Dr Chung agreed with me that the main concern is more of dull skin! Therefore the nurse recommended me to go for rejuvenation of skin as my acne and scarring problem is not so bad. 

A photo with one of the friendly nurses in the clinic before I go off.

My verdict?

Okay I am going to be honest here in my verdict after the treatment, not because I was invited by Prive to try! :D

Although results cannot be seen through the naked eye after a session, I do feel some improvement on my skin, right after the laser was done.
I felt like my pores looked smaller, and my skin looked a little more glowy than before!

It is not a placebo effect because even my friend Natasha said so as well!
I was so pleased with the results and I went down recently again to sign up for the laser treatment to treat my dull skin!

Redness on skin wise, it went down immediately for me the next day, but then again, Dr Chung told me it varies for individual so I cannot promise you if you do not have the same result as I do!

Here's me with a (failed) hair bow haha, selfie taken right on the next day!

For more information about their aesthetic services or simply to book an appointment, do visit their website at !

   Prive Vitale Clinic
30 Raffles Place, Chevron House, 048622 #02-25

Thats all folks! 
I will leave you to be your own kind of beautiful! ❤️

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