Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Style x Stephanie; Taiwan

Hi dearies! 

Bringing back to you guys Style x Stephanie after a long hiatus of exams, taiwan trip, finding a job for holidays, etc!

Been really really busy so do forgive me for the lack of updates in this blog! :((

In this post, I will be sharing with you guys 10 different styles and look fashionably chic at the same time! Who says going overseas means we can't dress up? :D

1st day at Taiwan:

As monochromatic styles are currently in season, I've chosen to bring this light weight chiffon piece from kissablebella (www.kissablebella.com )! I like how it is in-trend, how the vertical stripes elongate my body as well as a classic statement piece to add in my wardrobe!

I've paired it with a pair of white platform sneakers as well as my trusty knit wear for inflight comfy-ness! Thanks to my dearest boss who got this for me at her trip to HK, I get to walk a lot in comfy shoes hahahaha ❤️

I call this the monochromatic chic look.

2nd day in Taiwan:

We intended to visit 忠孝腹心 ( zhong xiao fu xin ) area on our 2nd day to take a look at their designer wear/collection and also visit Dazzling cafe ( dayummm!!! )

Since we will be visiting the designer streets, I felt that dressing up a little is a must as the people in Taiwan are generally pretty well dressed when it comes to places of fashion like Xi Men Ding, Zhong Xiao Fu Xin area!

In the picture above, I am wearing a floral jumpsuit from H&M HK, a crotchet shawl from H&M HK as well! They were both gifts from my lovely boss as well as my platforms hahaha! 

I was really skeptical whether I could pull this long floral jumpsuit off as it isn't a style that I ventured in before and I was pretty hesistant of wearing out on the streets without looking like a-girl-who-has-her-wardrobe-gone-wrong LOL!

I threw on a crotchet scarf over as a statement so that it doesn't look so pyjamas-sy hahahaha ( Is there even such a word LOL, I seem to be inventing words most of the time )

I call this the stylenanda inspired look.

Rompers are always fuss free and I fell in love with this piece immediately because of the crotchet and boho combi! I love the cut at the thigh area as it accentuates the length of my legs, making it look longer than they seem heh heh. :D

Got this as a courtesy from a friend who was coming back from aussie and she bought back some loots for me heh.
I am wearing size 4 for reference :D

I call this the girl-next-door look.

3rd day in Taiwan:

I couldn't forget to save a space for this lovely floral dress my dear friend got for me from Aussie too!

The vibrant colours of the florals and being a dress means it's one piece, hence it's also fuss free and storage friendly.

Some close up details of my accessories and my lovely dress is from Aussie but it has no label, so... :/ I guess it must be from a random shop there? Hahahaha.

I brought a pair of staple sandals from Rubi along in my luggage too, to match the more casual and non intensive walking days haha.

Acting like one cat walk model with an ideal model's height of 1.68m but I am only sadly, 1.57m tall. Hahaha, great photography skills always helps! Thankful for my trusty photographer who is most of the time behind my ootd shots, Mr Brown!

Here's a sexy back shot of my dress! I love ribbons and I am definitely loving how this has a tinge of sexiness yet not revealing at the same time, yknow what I mean? :D

I call this the model laidback look.

We went back to zhongxiaofuxin (忠孝腹心)area to walk around and found this quaint little shop at a random alley, haha. Hmmm, why can't SG have such pretty little shops in random alleys too? :(

This tribal romper is a courtesy from my friend as well, also from Aussie! I am wearing size 4 for this item as well :D

I love the details of the romper, the hem is embroided with tribal prints, and the neck cutting is definitely flattering as it has an elongating effect!

I call this the casual tribal chic look.

4th day in Taiwan:

We went to Jiufen ( 九份) on the 4th day and I knew we are going to do a lot of walking so therefore I decided to wear comfy clothes and shoes!

I went for the streetstyle yet edgy look, so I paired the navy culottes from neonmello ( www.neonmello.com ) with a pair of street platform sneakers again, and a floral boho top from h&m.

九份 ( Jiufen ) is up a mountain area, but because it is summer time now, it just feel like you are in an airconditioned room! I bet it will be really chilly up there during Winter!

Therefore I chose to wear my pair of quality-material culottes and my socks for my feet gave me enough warmth to survive there hahaha. People who know me in real life will know I have low tolerance of coldness! :/

5th day at Taiwan:

We headed over to the touristy shifen ( 十分)on our fifth day at Taiwan! I've been there last year and I know it's pretty warm there, therefore I opted for clothes which are thinner in material and also no layering up due to the heat!

I chose a lace crotchet crop top to match with my Az-tech boho maxi skirt! The top was from a local blogshop, can't remember which, and the maxi skirt was from the Island shop! 

I love anything which is like made of crotchet, lace, white in general, and I paired it with my maxi skirt because I felt like going island style today.

 When I first saw this maxi skirt, I fell in love with it instanteneously, so I got it off the rack and I was like, I must get this!!! Hahahaha #confessionsofashoppaholic.

I call this the island beach babe look.

We headed over to pingxi town (平溪镇), which was one stop down shifen station (十分 ) for Mr Brown's favourite 大肠包小肠 ( Taiwan Sausage wrapped with glutinuous rice )!

I got this dress quite long ago, there wasn't a label on it, but if my memory didn't fail me, I bought this lovely boho dress from Zara!

I love anything that is a combination of blue and white, and the boho prints on this dress were so unique! I just had to get my hands on one as I fell in love with it at the first sight!

I call this the boho chic look.

Last day at Taiwan:

It is the last day of our trip and we just had to try the famous 胡须张卤肉饭 ( huxuzhang braised minced pork rice ) , and we walked around XiMenDing area for food and to see if there is anything else that we wanted to buy, haha.

Here's my mandatory shot outside XiMen station, I just had to hahaha :D

I chose comfy threads and tummy friendly outfit for food today hahaha. I am never adventurous with purple based clothing but this Lavender hues are just to pretty to be missed! 

Although I had to get it via backorder, which made me wait for 2 months, it was all worth the wait! I got this lovely romper from fayth (www.faythlabel.com)

I call this the casual streetstyle look.

We are headed off to the airport now for a 4.5hour flight, so I chose clothes which are slightly loose fit and comfy.

My comfy get up: 

-Navy floral spag top from staticfumes (www.staticfumes.com)

-Jade flared maxi skirt from Bugis street 

-Shawl scarf from a random pushcart in SG.

I call this the traveller outfit look.

That's all for this Style x Stephanie post, the next post will be more on food, travel in Taiwan, so stay tuned! ❤️

Thank you all for reading!

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