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GET READY WITH ME ( At night )

Hi guyzzzz
Finally my blog is back up! I've been meaning to post this like 2-3 weeks back but however there was some issue with my blog and I couldn't post my blog post up! :/ The whole recovery of it was pretty tiring and... Let's not delve into it hahaha it isn't the main point of the post.

Hehehe and A BONUS FOR YOU GUYZZZ, GET READY WITH ME is coming back again with a spanking new episode 1! Hahaha, I will be sharing my skin care routine at night ft products from Gobdigoun Korea and as well as some skin care tips that I usually do at night with you guys in the video! 
So... Do keep your eyes peeled for my next post!❤️


I am here to share my review with yall on product that I received a month plus ago from Gobdigoun Korea!

I know there are a lot skin care products out there which works for many of us. 
To be honest, I have tried many products in the market; and it's frustrating when you invest your monies in products that promises you so much but just doesn't work for you after using... That feeling is frustrating, I know :/ Been there, done that, gone through that!

Personally, online and even offline, I won't recommend products to my friends when I don't think it's really that promising after using it? But this, I must say this really worked in lightening my pimple scars and also does a great job in keeping my skin moisturized! With moisturized skin, it definitely will keep your makeup on fleek throughout the rest of the day. :D

A little background on what skin type I have, my skin is combination type; and I am very prone to outbreaks especially at my jawline area whenever my period is coming :(( That results to ugly pimple scars which are hard to go away :/ That is pretty annoying cause it looks like a pimple on your skin and those blemishes are a bane to clear, healthy looking skin!

I was approached by Gobdigoun korea about 2 months ago, and I've been using their products till now? But it's finishing though hahaha cause I've been using it for about 2 months for now. I would say the product certainly goes a long way, and I've seen results! It certainly did help me lighten my pimple scars especially after the super bad breakout I got after my exams in June.

I was given 3 products by Gobdigoun to do a review; their best selling 24K Gold Placenta Cream, Eye serum and mask!

Here's a little background on the ingredients and technology on the products:

Placenta Power Aging Corrector series provides the nutritious placental protein refined from the Australian olvine (Sheep) Placenta thanks to its plentiful nutrients such as amind-acid, active peptide vitamins, enzyme and minerals which is effective in whitening, hydration, wrinkle care, acne, blood circulation, etc.

For the mask, Im very impressed by their 2 layer mask technology. After the 2 former generations of mask sheet material (felt as the 1st generation and hydrogel mask sheet as the 2nd.) Placenta Power made an innovative application of Bio-Cellulose to open up a new paradigm of cosmetics.


- Meticulous 3-dimensional structure 

- 0.002-0.05 microns of fiber diameter

- Higher physical strength

And yess I can run and jump around with the mask still intact on my face. LOL. It kinda has a grip somehow I feel.

24K Golden Cream Placenta Power Australian Sheep

Product details:

24K Golden Cream Placenta Power contain with placenta which providing the means to replenish and nourish the skin. With high-performance, multi-action moisturizer dramatically reduces the look of multiple signs of aging: lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and dehydration.

My Review:

At the beginning I was pretty skeptical about it because it's cream based and I never ever applied any cream based products in my 26 years of life hahaha because my skin is more of the oily kind and I'm afraid it would make my skin oilier and having too much oil in the skin will cause pimple outbreaks. So I always steer clear away from cream based products and use water based/ gel like products.

So at the beginning I applied it at areas which are prone to wrinkles, like the laughlines of the mouth area, neck. I didn't dare to apply over my whole face as I was afraid of breakouts. The texture is pretty creamy but it absorbs really quickly and easily into the skin! I rubbed it in circular motions and patted my face after to allow the product to be absorbed! :D

I have been using it for 1 month plus and I really did see an improvement on the lightening of my pimple scars and as well as correcting my uneven skin tone! 

I feel it helps to keep my skin retain moisture as my face doesn't product so much oil as before. With the less production of oil, lesser pimples will appear! Honestly, my pimple problem isn't fully gone but, the lightening of the pimple scars is definitely obvious. So if you're looking at a product which gives you enough moisture throughout the night and lightening of pimple scars, I would feel this is definitely a product to try!

This is a raw photo with zero editing, btw.

And oh, I treated this like a night moisturizer cream as I tend to sleep under the aircon and skin tends to be drier. So I only used this once per day. Our skin regenerates itself when we are sleeping and this product tackles anti aging problems so I guess it'll be best if I use it at night? Hahahaha I always wake up with skin plumped with moisture the next morning!

The Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask (Australian Placental Powder)

Product Details:

Placenta Extract knows for its abundant amino acid and peptide. It has plentiful moisturizing ingredients which will help you feel elasticity and moisturizing effect on your skin. The mask's bio Cellulose Construction with similar structure to human skin protein will help you feel comfortable and smooth on your skin.

My Review:

The pocket where the mask was in had a lot of product in it! I was pleasantly happy because other than SKII, no other masks that I used had such abundance of liquid on the mask and as well in the pocket!

The second thing I was pleasantly surprised about is that there were 2 layers on the mask, other than the piece we will always take out to throw away hahaha.

I would put on the mask for approximately 20 minutes? Hahaha I guess that's the optimal suggested timing to.

After removing the mask, I could feel my skin much softer, pores tightened and very plump with moisture! It's like I can do the Tionk tionk thing on my cheeks hahahaha im really not exagerating about it! I personally feel it could really give your skin a boost for tired and dull skin!

 If you are really in an emergency of a bad skin day, you can just put this mask for a boost of glow and moisture on your skin! Trust me, I did it before and it really works! 

Like the below ( I had sunblock, makeup base and lipbalm on for this photo ) hahahaha my skin was still in quite bad condition back then :x

Last but not least,

Placenta Power Aging Corrector

Placenta Power Aging Corrector eye cream is effective in almost every type of wrinkle on your face such as forehead lines, crow's feet, eye bag, mouth frowns and vertical lines, tear troughs, neck lines and nasolabial folds. It is considered effective in 3 mintues and lasting for the next 8 hours according to the authorized tests.

Aging Corrector eye cream contains Niacinamide which will brighten your skin tone.

 My Review:

Personally, I don't really see any drastic effects on whitening of my dark eye rings hahahaha perhaps because Im a chronic late sleeper and my dark eye rings are too dark hahahahaha 

However the moisturizing element is definitely there. It allows my makeup on my eyes to set smoothly and even by the end of the day, my makeup around my eyes don't look cracky and dry!


In conclusion, I would say if you are looking at a range of products for moisturizing, brightening and lightening of skin tone, I feel this is the product you may want to try! However I am not so sure if people who have drier skin will have the same results as I do because my skin is more on the oilier and acne prone kind.

Before using: ( a month plus ago )

I feel so ashamed to post my naked face here with such bad skin to be honest hahaha :x As you can see my forehead, there's uneven skintone and mini pimples and blemishes on my cheek :(

After using:

Seeee the difference in the lightening of my pimple scars and correcting of different skin tone? Skin is brighter with more consistency in skintone on the whole face overall!

I wouldn't say my skin is 100% in perfect condition with zero blemishes but I feel more confident to leave my house with just sunblock sometimes instead of feeling compelled to pile on foundation to cover up my ugly skintone and pimple scars :(

Once again, thankyou so so much to Gobdigoun Korea for sending me these awesome products and do check out their facebook link below for more information and other products that they have! :D 

If you wish to purchase their products, you can buy it through Facebook Messaging and transfer money to their account. All the products will be sent from Korea to preference countries by EMS! How convenient and I received their products very soon after I was notified that it has been shipped out! :D

I know it's been such a long time since I did up a blogpost and I will be more active in the upcoming monthssssss hehe promised! ❤️

 That's all for nowwww BYEEEEEEE :D

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