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POP SMILE < Advertorial and Review >

Hi guyzzzz let's kickstart this new year with a big smile! :D

If you are looking at wanting to having whiter and brighter teeth, then this post is definitely beneficial for you! :D

 I was really excited when I was introduced to their popular DIY Teeth Whitening kit to try! 

Im back with a review post on POP SMILE after using it for a month! The before and after photos of my one time application will be shown below *warning as it is not very glamourous :x *

As I have slight yellow discolourations on my teeth since young due to the antibiotics that I have to intake because I have weak constitution. As I grow older, I stopped medications but I am a huge fan of tea! Most tea contains caffeine and I often drink it almost everyday to perk myself up for a day's work/activities, and we all know caffeine stains teeth in the long run. :/

I can't stop drinking tea but I can reduce the yellowish discolourations by using this DIY Kit by POP SMILE which are easy to incorporate in my daily routine!

The kit comes with an instruction card for the best results for you to follow!

I will now show you how I used the teeth whitening kit step by step:


Use the pre treatment swabs and swab your teeth with the gel.

Step 2:

Take the whitening tray and place it in a cup of boiling water / flat tray if you prefer. Do remember to cool it down a little before placing them on your teeth as shown below:

Do the same for the lower set of teeth as well.

Step 5:

Gently press the whitening tray against your teeth to form the shape of your set of teeth.

Step 6:

Take the whitening trays out of your mouth after moulding your set of teeth and apply 0.5ml of the peroxide-free whitening gel and place it back in your mouth.

Step 7:

See the flaps sticking out?

Break the flaps and then place the LED light infront of your teeth like this:

Place the LED Light in your mouth together with the whitening tray for 10 mins....




All in all the process takes about 20 minutes the first time you're doing it as you need to prepare the whitening trays and figure out how to use the kit!

Subsequently, you are just 15 minutes away from having whiter and brighter teeth!

Personally I do have pretty obvious yellowish stained teeth as you can see below, so the results are pretty obvious for me after one application.

*Photos are not photoshopped/edited for accuracy purposes*


After one application:

After a month:

Sorry to show you my disgusting close up of my yellowish stained teeth :/ 

BUT HEY! This is definitely a cheaper DIY alternative than to spend a bomb at the dentists', right? 

Also, the kit comes along with a Whitening Pen so you can always touch up on the go! 

Just twist the pen to dispense the product and brush a thin layer onto teeth, wait for a minute and rinse your mouth with luke warm water!

Personal review:

I would say do give this DIY Kit a try if you feel that going to the dentist for whitening treatments are expensive and intimidating. This would definitely be a cheaper alternative.

I think it's impressive that we are able to see some yellowish stains faded slightly after one application and of course, it's my own personal experience and I can't guarantee that you will get the same results as me. 

You can get up to 8 shades lighter after using it, so i feel it's really worth the try if your stained teeth are really bothering you.

Do check out POP SMILE for more information by following the link above!

With that, thankyou so much for reading this space once again and do be back for more product reviews in the future!



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