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<EGGSKIN Skin Care x NoTS

Hello guys, it's been awhile!

As I've been really busy preparing for my exams in May, I'm really thankful that I have several people taking good care of my skin so I can still look and feel my best during this stressful period!

If you guys are an avid reader if my blog over the years, I have always been plagued by bad skin - Bad skin meaning uneven skin tone, bad breakouts from hormonal pimples and lastly, pimple scarring issues :/

I was really excited to try out this EGGSKIN Skin care products when NoTS approached me; because the products promises to correct dark spots and uneven skintone!

 Therefore it will act as a booster prior to the laser treatment that I have been receiving from thefacedoctor aestatics! Say yay to glowy and dewy skin! :D

Let's face it- Who doesn't wish to have Egglike Skin- white and smooth, right?

So without further ado, let me introduce you the products from the EGGSKIN Skin Care from NoTS!

Step 1: Always cleanse your face!

Step 2: Use the 28 remedy Aqua brightening peel gel.

This product is a facial scrub with micro beads to remove away any dead skin cells. As we all know, accumulation of dead skin cells on our skin can cause pimple breakouts and dull complexion, therefore it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin regularly!

I think I have said that in my previous posts before about exfoliating and I can't emphasize enough on it! 

It contains micro beads which cannot be captured on camera, that's how tiny the beads are! However, when you gently rub it across your face, you can feel slight abrasions from the micro beads scrubbing your face!

To be honest, this is one of my favourite steps in my skincare routine because I like how clean and smooth my skin feels after scrubbing away all the dirt / makeup residues ( if any ) and those dead skin cells!

Step 3 : Prep your skin by using a toner.
White Luminaire Revital Fluid that acts like a toner- Refine your pores and prep your skin to absorb the "skin food" goodies after application! 

I prefer to pour it on my palms and pat it into my face, but you can use a cotton pad to pour the solution on, if you prefer!

I like how the solution feels very lightweight and odourless! After application there is no sticky feeling on my skin and it's definitely a plus point for me!

Step 4: Apply the White Luminaire Revital Essence that acts as a serum!

The packaging of the bottle comes with a dropper, which I really like! You can control the amount of serum you wish to apply on your skin and it's hygenic too because there's reduced contamination.

The consistency of the serum is not so watery as this is a more concentrated solution which targets the dark spots on your skin. 

I can feel the power pack of goodness as I spread the serum on my palms before patting it in because the texture is slightly more viscous than the Revital Fluid haha.

Upon application, I find that this feels a little sticky for me on my skin but after patting the serum in and allowing it to sit for awhile, the sticky feeling will be gone!

Lastly, the White Luminaire Spot Corrector Cream which acts as a moisturizer.

If you read about my previous post on Gobdigoun Skin Care that I received, I am very skeptical about creams because my skin type is oily-combination and creams don't usually work well for my skin! 

However, Gobdigoun's cream made me change my mindset about creams and I'm glad to say, this White Luminaire Cream works for me as well!

Although it's a cream based moisturizer, this doesn't feel very heavy and thick as compared to some of the cream based moisturizers that I have received before. They did not work out for me and even caused me to have a skin break out :/

I like how this cream feels smooth yet not too heavy on my skin! I will always do a facial massage on my skin every night using the moisturizer to prevent my skin from sagging :x

After massaging my face, I will pat the goodness into my face, so as to allow my skin to absorb the goodness of the cream!

And yasssss I'm done with my night skin care routine hehe ✌🏻️

Personal review on the products:

I will always try the products for at least a month to see if the products are suitable and whether they work well for my skin!

NoTS have previously sent their 28 Day moisturizer and sunblock to me which I was really pleased after using them because the moisturizer is lightweight and the sunblock does not clog my pores! Most importantly, it does not cause my skin to break out.

This is my second collaboration with them and I am pleased with this EGGSKIN Skin care products that were sent to me! I feel that they are boosters and help speed up the lightening of pimple scars alongside with the laser treatment.

This is the photo of my skin taken before using the products:

This is a photo after using the products for close to 2 months:

As you can see, the pimple scarring on my face has faded quite abit, though not complete but definitely the marks have lightened a lot!

I would definitely recommend this range of products for people who have scarring / pigmentation problem like myself!

You can check out their website at: for more product information!

With that,
Tintedwhiteroses signing off ❤️

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