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Hey guys! 

Some of you have been requesting me to do an updated version of my everyday makeup look!

So I am here to share with you my everyday skin care routine before my makeup and as well as the products I use for my everyday makeup!

If you have followed my on my instatories /previous blogpost /personal friends with me on my facebook, you would have known that I have been undergoing laser treatments with Dr Chua Cheng Yu to treat my post acne breakout scars as well as uneven and dull skin tone..

Ever since I started the treatment, about 6 times in total for now, I started to feel more confident in myself and sometimes I don't even put cc cream when I head out for work! *partly because I woke up late and was rushing ooops*

So every morning chopchop, 
skin care + lipbalm and off I go to work!

It's not a surprise to everyone that skin care is definitely important to all of us, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to start taking care of your skin early- and so here I am to share with you these bottles of goodness from GOBDIGOUN KOREA! :D

This range consists of Goat Milk Skin care range as well as the Pink bottle of First Step Tinted Moisturizer with Snail Mucin!

Goat's milk is known for whitening and moisturizing for the skin; which is exactly what I needed to for lightening my acne scars! 

This goat milk range contains a concoction of mainly milk protein extract which promises to maintain elasticity and moisture in skin.

I will use this range in the morning before I put my makeup on because its very light weight and the consistency for the range isn't thick; easy to blend and absorb into skin.

I will start off with the Skin Milk Conditioner.

It's consistency is liquid like- very much like a toner.

As usual, I like to pour over my palms and pat into my skin.

Second, I will apply the Skin Milk Facial Lotion. This skin milk facial lotion contains Vitamin C and Vitamin C has whitening properties as well!

Texture is on the creamy side- but it isn't those thick cream kinds, been using it for a month and I've no breakouts so all is good!


Skin feels plump with moisture heh.

Sorry for the yellowish hues above, my camera suddenly decided to change its focus and I tried removing the yellow hues and this is the best I could get...
Fret not! The rest of the photos are true to it's real colour and results 👌🏻

Next, I will apply this First Step Tinted Tone Up Cream.

Again, it's name suggests, it's a cream therefore the consistency is slightly more thicker than the moisturizer!

As you can see below, a little is enough to go, it blends in your skin easily and it's pretty sheer- it doesn't have much concealing effect.

What I feel it does- It will brighten and whiten your overall skin tone.

NEXT UP!!! I am very excited about this when I received it! Just as all of you guys are hahahaha

When I unboxed this *if you saw on my instastories* I received quite a number of DMs asking about this product!

Okay, so this is the tinted moisturizer with SNAIL MUCIN.

Snail mucin is known to be efficient for maintaining moisturizing level and gloss in your skin.

So there's this like, fuschia pink glittery liquid oozing out...

I recommend yall to shake it up a little before squeezing it out, to have a consistency in the liquid.

I tested it out on my hand first before applying on my face...

If you seen my instastory when I unboxed it, I was able to capture how glittery it was on my hand!

It's like a pretty pink highlighter to brighten up your skin, making it look radiant!

The consistency of this is pretty much like the moisturizer above, not too thick and it blends in easily in your skin!

I love all the products because it doesn't leave a sticky finish and it leaves your skin plump with moisture!

So I'm using it as a highlighter and applying it on top of my cheek bones area and forehead.

TADAHHHH Can you see my skin looking more radiant and there's this illuminizing effect?!

 If you're going for the no makeup up look, these are the products I really highly recommend for you 👌🏻

My thoughts on the products:

Personally, I really like this a lot. 

Much more than the previous range that Gobdigoun has sent me- I did a review on Gobdigoun last year on their anti aging products as well, it worked very well for me, esp their cream, it will tone and slim your face, something that everyone wants HAHA.

Although this doesn't have the slimming effect properties like the previous range, but I prefer this range that I was sent to me mainly because it's really lightweight on my skin. 

I don't like the sticky feeling each time I put masks/ moisturizing cream on my skin and all products in this range glides on my skin easily and absorbs fast too.

No down time of waiting for it to dry so I can apply my makeup after.

I think the laser sessions that I had with Dr Chua also played a part, I dont deny hahahaha because the products here maintained my skin after the laser treatments!

So I think it's really a good range to try, especially if for people with combi/oily skin like myself! Personally I use 2 different ranges of products in day time and at night because of my combi skin. :/

I'm not so sure if it will work as well for people who have dry skin as this product MAY NOT be moisturizing enough for you. I don't know, I'm just guessing haha.

And and and I have to add on to say both tinted moisturizers are really amazing!!!!

I've been leaving my house with those above products whenever I'm in a rush for work! 

MY ONLY GRIPE IS THAT it doesn't have any SPF properties :/ So I always have to add on another step of sunblocking or sometimes I will apply cc cream with SPF if I feel that my skin has some breakouts and I want to conceal.

For more information, you can visit their website here:
Or their facebook page!

These are the products that I will use on a daily basis if I'm not late/rushing usually:

Lip balm by NoTS Korea, has really good moisturizing properties and does not leave a sticky feeling on lips 8/10 because it's not in a pretty pink tone! Hahahaha ooops :x

I will apply this Balm Stain in Coral by Wet n Wild, it's my second stick already and I'm loving the shade! 
Im on the tanned side so coral shades usually work well for me :D

If you haven't already, try try try this 
It's CC cream!! I've been raving about it to many of my personal friends- you probably would have heard me telling you that it's really good. 

It blends to my skin tone really well, does not have a cakey finish despite wearing it out for like a good 8-10 hours, and it doesn't oxidize on my skin.

It doesn't clog my pores also OMGGG how awesome is this.


Please, go sephora and purchase this.


A little goes a long way, usually I will apply it as seen below and use my fingers to blend it out!

YAYYYY NEXT UP, eyebrows.

I like to use NAKED 2 eyeshadow palette to shade my brows because I don't really use their dark shades often...

So I tried using them on my brows and yeappp it's pretty pigmented enough to pull off as an eyebrow palette 👌🏻

I will use a spooly brush behind and shade in opposite direction to my brows and then fill my brows in.

Next up, I will use loose powder to mattify my look- so my makeup can last longer!

I am using this buckwheat loose powder in Lavender from Skin food!

Hmmm I don't really have much praises for this, it does what it does. It does it's job by mattifying your skin but it doesn't really have much staying power. 

It's best to touch up a little during mid day and I don't usually bring my makeup out to touch up because I think it's not very hygenic :x

Overall, it's pretty decent, perhaps it will work better on less oilier skin? Haha

Yayyy my fav blush hehe from Etude house! But sadly they seem to discontinue this :( I bought this because Krystal Jung used it in her advert for Etude house and I thought it was really pretty on her!

Again in coral shade, I will apply it on the apple of my cheeks!

Final step, I like mascara. Much more than eyeliner hahaha.

I feel mascara will fan open my lashes more so yeappp makes my eyes look more livier!

Im using Tarte's new mascara.

Hmmm personally I feel that if you have oily eyelids, do prime your lids or apply some loose powder at your eyes because it will smear down :((

Truly disappointed because I wore out a few times without applying the loose powder and during mid day it will smear down making me look a little less than a panda :((

Ah wells.

I've shared with you guys on my thoughts on the products that I use daily- I hope you find them useful and informative!

If you have any questions, do feel free to drop me a question on my or you can always DM me on my instagram (@tintedwhiteroses) !

Once again, thanks Gobdigoun for sending these awesome products my way again! :D

Hope you guys had a fab weekend!


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